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Axway TSIM (TradeSync Integration Manager) expert

We have a strong expertise on Axway TSIM.

EDI support

We have a strong experience on EDI support in the automotive industry. We are able to maintain your daily flows and provide you solutions for the EDI issues and updates.


You will find below our skills related to the TSIM setup and configuration.
  • Setup of new workflows (Forward of messages, multiples translations, multiple sending of messages, etc.)
  • Job creation or updates, new functions (jobs_dcl.cfg, fctn_dcl.cfg)
  • Configuration of OFTP, FTP (odette.cfg)
  • Update of the Interchanges and rules (ssi .cfg, pop.cfg)
  • Creation of extended rules (j_select.cfg)


You need to understand how to maintain properly your TSIM server and use the associated tools to fix and avoid EDI outages ?
  • Maintenance of the EDI server (stop and start the server, check the critical processes)
  • System set-up of TSIM
  • Connection to your ERP (ftpale_dmn, ftpale.cfg)


We can fix your mapping issues and provide you a complete creation of your new flows
  • Mappings creation and updates
  • Creation of scripts for the mappings and knowledge of the standards programs (vbr, xlat)
  • Mappings specification (Xref)
  • Use of the BOM (mapping creation, debug, import/export)


You wish to master your flows and maintain your EDI by yourself? We can train you to master all the necessary skills to be autonomous on your EDI platform
  • Mapping
  • Administration
  • Communication


Your customers request some changes on your side or you need to migrate a mass quantity of EDI flows? We can help you for that tasks and go through all the migration steps with you.
  • Communication testing
  • Migration of EDI flows by changing a communication protocol with a partner
  • Complete migration of your EDI flows (communications + mappings)

Creation of external tools

During your EDI daily life, you may need some additional tools to get access to some usefull information or ensure the proper working of your flows
  • Archives of your messages
  • Administration tools (customize the sending of events to TSIM, automatic restart of the daemons, etc.)
  • Tool to extract your flows into an excel file
  • Statistics of your EDI flows
  • FTP / SFTP / FTPS connector compliant with most of the automotive constructors